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Logo Mats: Here's Why You Need Them

Logo Mats: Here's Why You Need Them

Posted by Emily Ayers on May 5th 2022

Custom logo mats are the perfect way to welcome people into your business because they provide awareness to your brand. They are eye-catching, completely custom, and they provide safety for guests and employees.

Caps To You provides high quality, durable, custom logo mats that are perfect for your business. Imagine welcoming in guests with your high-resolution logo right at the door! You can even continue to place your custom logo mats throughout the building to help guests become more familiar with you and to help establish your brand.

Most of our customers LOVE the durability & look of these custom mats. They usually last them 8-10 years!


DigiPrint HD

This mat has 150 colors printed in high definition. It also absorbs 3 gallons of water if you wanted to use it in a restaurant or bar. They also help prevent slips and accidents. It is the most popular and highest quality indoor option.



WaterHog mats are a great option for indoor AND outdoor needs. The surface is a non-woven fabric that doesn't fade and it's slightly raised & rough in a pattern so that it catches dirt efficiently from shoes. There are 56 colors available to print in HD.



This custom outdoor mat has a smooth rubber surface with a raised pattern so that people are able to scrape their shoes efficiently. Even with a lot of foot traffic and crazy weather, your logo stays vibrant for years. There are 150 HD colors available to print.

here's why you need them.......

The First Impression

  • Logo mats bring people inside and help create familiarity and awareness for your brand
  • Our logo mats are custom enough to help you create the best first impression possible

Logo mats are USEFUL!

  • Businesses need some sort of mat for safety
  • Adding logo mats to your business is cost effective and a fantastic way to market your brand

Making the best choice

  • Most of our custom logo mats can be for indoor/outdoor use
  • Many standard color options & HD digital print
  • Our custom logo mats are easy to clean
  • Many different dimensions to support your logo!

Contact us to see what choice would best suit your needs, or take a look at all of the logo mats we offer. 

If you ever need help with your custom product needs, we're here for you! Let's elevate your brand.