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Custom Hats: Embroidery Guide

Wondering if your logo will look good if it's embroidered? Maybe you just want some in-depth information on embroidered logos or you just want to see some examples. Whatever you might be looking for, we have the answer. Let's do a deep dive on embroidered logos!


The maximum height that embroidery can go on custom hats is 2.25" and  a width of 5".  Small details, like a TM or R, must be at least 0.25" to work. Sounds like a lot of measurements, huh? No need to worry, we will work out all of the size details for you and proof everything to make sure the sizing is exactly how you want it to look.


I'm going to drop a few visuals just so you can get an idea of what different sizes look like, and logos that we have altered slightly because of small text. We can alter it in a few different ways: either enlarge a detail that you want to keep, or remove it all together.



1. Size: Almost at max height and width. The width stays almost between the two eyelets of the hat, which is what tends to be most pleasing to the eye. 

2. We removed the restricted R at the end of the logo. We could have enlarged it,  but the logo looks much smoother without that small detail. 



1. 2.16" height is a height that many of our customers go with. Notice how it sits right in the center of the hat. Not too low, not too high. 

2. Notice how we removed the "THE" from the original logo. This is because the "THE" would not have embroidered well as it is too small and not needed.


Almost any shape can be achieved with embroidery, but what you want to AVOID is SYMMETRICAL shapes like squares. The exception is circles (they must be filled in.)  The examples below show a good range of the shapes that we CAN do. 


Thread colors aren't complicated. We try to match your logo to the closest thread color. There is often requests to match parts of the logo to a part of the hat, like the mesh and stitching. I'll throw an example below.

Most logos have less than 7 colors in them, but if your logo  has more or you want to add more colors it's an extra $0.15 per color on each hat. 

Gradients can  work to an extent, but have to be reduced  or completely taken away. In the example below, we took away the gradient in the text and left it in the sun rays. Here's an example of how gradients look when embroidered (the sun rays) :

There are other options besides embroidery that can achieve a gradient perfectly, so if you want to go that route then let us know and we can tell you about the other options. 


This one is pretty self explanatory. Here are some visual examples of locations that we can do.

CapsToYou Front Location Example

Front Center

Left Panel

Right Panel

Above Ear (right)



If you want a more 3D look to  your logo, puff is the option for you. Here are a couple of puff examples. Remember, the higher the stitch count, the higher the cost.