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Logo Guide: How To Prepare Your Logo For Embroidery

Logo Guide: How To Prepare Your Logo For Embroidery

Posted by Emily Ayers on Jun 16th 2022

There are many questions to ask when it comes to transferring your logo. If you decide to get your logo embroidered on something, you'll definitely ask yourself "Is this going to look right?" Here are some simple tips and guidelines to make sure your logo is ready for embroidery.

1. Get rid of small & skinny text

Getting rid of small text is necessary for the embroidery to come out clean and crisp. If it's a necessary addition to your logo, make the text bigger or make slight adjustments. If you're not sure what to do, we can help you adjust your logo so that it will look its best when it's embroidered. Small text needs to be at least 0.25" to work for embroidery. 

2. The simpler, the better

It's common to think "I want my logo to stand out, so it needs to have a lot going on." However, if you're going with embroidery, it's best to keep it simple. This way, you'll have something that's easy for people to understand at a glance and it looks amazing when it's embroidered. Plus, lower thread counts = a lower cost. I'll throw some examples of super simple logos that we've embroidered and also more intricate logos to give you an idea of what can be done. 

3. Size

There are varying size differences for embroidered logos for hats, polos/jackets, and bags. This is because of the embroidery hoops we use on them. For hats, the height of the logo can't exceed 2.25" and the width has to be below 5". For polos, the logo height can be 3" and the width can be up to 2". 

If you want unlimited size and embroidery options and you have a larger volume of hats and time to wait, we can also do custom overseas hats. 

4. Color

It's important to think about the color of the item you choose and make sure it compliments your logo. Again, we can absolutely help with that, but you need to love what you choose! The product color can absolutely impact the way your logo looks. Here's an example of some hats we did for one of our customers:

Custom Embroidered Richardson 112Custom Embroidered Richardson 112

Now, this is not a BAD example. The logo looks incredible on both hats - but see the difference in the light blue? We used the same exact thread on both! 

To summarize, it's important to make sure your logo is ready for embroidery by going through these 4 easy steps. If you need guidance on what to do, please contact us.