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Customize Your Outdoor Event

Customize Your Outdoor Event

Posted by Emily Ayers on Apr 7th 2022

You will probably engage in an outdoor activity at least once this year. You’ll also probably need some custom products for that or another outdoor event with your business, school, or sports team. Good thing you came to this blog! I want to show you some useful & popular custom products that are great for outdoor events and activities.

Custom Koozie or Cup Sleeve

This custom cup sleeve is useful and cost efficient, plus most people are carrying a drink at an outdoor event. This is perfect for giveaways and only costs $.85 per sleeve.

Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a necessity for the outdoors, but a lot of times custom sunglasses have a weird look or fit. These sunglasses are stylish and fit well! People will love to have these at an outdoor event.

Custom Mini Fan

This is one of my personal favorite custom outdoor items, especially in hotter weather. These custom mini fans are useful for everyone and people will be super thankful that you’re supplying these!

Custom Poncho

Everyone needs a poncho at some point, even if they don’t need it right away. It’s great to have on hand or in the car if a sudden storm comes up. It’s a really great compact outdoor item.

Specialized Custom Poncho - Sports

This is a variation of a poncho more specific to sporting events. I’ve linked to the custom basketball poncho, but we also have soccer, football, baseball, and more!

Custom Carabiner & Bottle Opener

This is one of the most useful carabiners out there. It clips on things, has a cap opener, and a ruler all in one. This custom carabiner is definitely a useful outdoor accessory.