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Branding Guide: What Patch is Best for my Custom Hat?

Branding Guide: What Patch is Best for my Custom Hat?

Posted by Emily Ayers on Mar 3rd 2022

We know It's common to wonder what type of patch you should put on your custom hat. Luckily, there are four main categories that you can choose from to best highlight your brand + keep it super custom. Here's the lowdown on woven, embroidered, sublimated, and leather patches.

1. Woven Patch Hats

When it comes to popularity, a woven patch is the most requested! You can capture finite detail and small text that will result in a clean, crisp and vibrant logo. A woven patch uses intricately woven materials (hence the name) to capture more of the finer details of your personalized logo. The woven patch is a great choice if your logo has fine details or smaller text or numbers.

2. Embroidered Patch Hats

Embroidered patch hats are the closest to “regular” embroidered hats and are the most common type of patch. The embroidered patch adds a contrasting border edge to really make your logo stand out. With embroidered patches, you can use either a twill or fully embroidered background. You can typically capture more details on a patch than you can with regular embroidery, but some smaller, more intricate details may not show well on this option.

3. Sublimated Patch Hats

Sublimated patch hats are the choice for you if your logo has intricate, small details or gradient colors. This type of patch is similar to the screen-printing process, so we are able to replicate almost any detail and color on the patch. Sublimated patches are the way to go if you have a lot of detail in your logo that you want to be really crisp.

4. Leather Patch hats

Leather patches lend themselves to a more basic + simple logo, although smaller details can be achieved. For the leather patch, there are two choices of materials: genuine or faux leather. From there, there is a variety of base colors to choose from.  These leather patches are a little different because we will etch your logo onto the leather material and then apply that to the cap. With that being said, for this type of leather patch to work for you, your logo will need to be able to be converted into a single-color version. If it is not already, we can help you create that.

What we can do for you:

We help you pick the right custom hat and patch that resonates with your brand! For embroidered, woven, leather and sublimated patch hats, we can assist in the setup of the background and border colors for the patch to work with your logo and contrast the patch to work with the hat to help you stand out. Your custom hat will be a totally custom product specifically created for YOU and your customers, which is the whole point of branding! Remember, the goal of branding is to get your personalized logo into the hands of potential customers to create familiarity, so they remember and use your services. A unique, quality patch hat is the perfect way to do that.