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Branding Guide: The Manufacturing Industry

Branding Guide: The Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Emily Ayers on Mar 17th 2022

Did you know that the manufacturing sector is one of the largest sectors in the U.S. economy? Millions of employees make up this incredible work force so it is one that we wanted to recognize today! Keep reading for some branding tips specialized to this industry.

Our company went to the 2022 South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance Safety Summit yesterday and we got to meet some awesome people in our local manufacturing industry. Some of the people we met were a part of companies like Milliken & Co., Sealed Air Corp, Duke Energy and many, many others. These three companies along with 82 others were awarded yesterday for safety accomplishments!

We know that on an individual level, industrial facilities love to recognize their employees for staying safe in the workplace. Here is where we can help you: branding! We have provided many manufacturing industries with items that promote safety and even company anniversaries. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Custom Tees for Celebration
    1. This includes safety recognition, promotion, and a company anniversary. Get your employees involved by having them help with the design of the shirt and make it into a contest!
  2. Custom Uniforming
    1. Custom polos, button downs, vests, and any apparel with your brand can really help elevate your workplace! When employees wear their company branded apparel, it helps them recognize that they are truly a big part of the company! Depending on the department, you can color coordinate custom vests or polos to make sure that it’s easy to recognize these employees from their department. Again, it really adds a touch of professionalism and gives employees a sense of belonging.
  3. Custom Promo Products
    1. See the photos below:

We gave away this awesome Carhartt backpack. Click here to preview your logo on it:

Another Carhartt product - a duffel cooler! 

A great safety item that would be great in a gift bag for your employees is this custom emergency flashlight tool. It is a perfect all in one tool to keep in your car and it is a flashlight with a pointy end to break a window if you ever need to and it has a seatbelt cutter. People loved this item yesterday at the safety summit! You can preview your logo here:

Safety vests are a needed and popular item within the manufacturing industry. Here's an example of a vest, some custom hats, and custom keychains.

I hope that this blog gave you some ideas on branding for your manufacturing business. Contact us today for any of these custom products so that you can elevate your brand!