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How 20k stitches of embroidery can create a work of art

How 20k stitches of embroidery can create a work of art

Posted by Emily Ayers on Jan 3rd 2024

Embroidered specialty vehicles for Bishop Mays Construction

We hope you all had a merry Christmas and happy new year! Let's start off this year by looking at one of my favorite projects from 2023.

Bishop Mays is a contractor in Greenville, SC that we have proudly worked with for years. We really enjoy working on their branded apparel, and this past summer we were able to do some of the most detailed embroidered hats I've ever seen! A lot can be accomplished with embroidery. 

We did a series of carefully drawn speciality vehicles like dump trucks, excavators, and other service trucks. Then, we got our embroidery digitizing team to digitize every small detail of the art so it could translate to an embroidery machine:

It looks like a mess, but bear with me. This is the process needed to get a beautiful end result:

These hats are the Richardson 256 hats. They have an outdoor performance material and a snapback for a comfortable fit. The rope adds a trendy style and balances out the logo against the hat.

See our post on Instagram of the entire process! It's so soothing watching these hats get embroidered: