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Case Study: Wheel Pizza Co.

Case Study: Wheel Pizza Co.

Posted by Emily Ayers on Sep 28th 2023

Wheel Pizza Co. 

Custom Embroidered Rope Hats

This classic rope trucker hat is a fan favorite over here. 

Personally I'm such a fan of the color combos in this logo against this specific hat. It really ties the whole look together!

Let's explore logo embroidery and how to know if your logo will look good embroidered:


The maximum height that embroidery can go on custom hats is 2.25" and a width of 5". Small details, like a TM or R, must be at least 0.25" to work. Sounds like a lot of measurements, huh? No need to worry, we will work out all of the size details for you and proof everything to make sure the sizing is exactly how you want it to look.


Thread colors aren't complicated. We try to match your logo to the closest thread color. There is often requests to match parts of the logo to a part of the hat, like the mesh and stitching. Gradients can work to an extent, but have to be reduced or completely taken away. We can help with that to ensure that you get the best look.

Since we are using Wheel Pizza Co. as our example, let's see a digitized embroidery proof pre production. Look at how detailed it is! (NOTE - we did end up changing some of the colors after this proof, so the end result is slightly different) But this is just so you can see how careful we are with embroidered logos!

Now that we've gone over the basics, let's see a before and after!



If you want to preview your logo or get a free quote on this rope trucker hat, click the button below!