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Case Study: Sunsoil - Custom Embroidered Richardson 112

Case Study: Sunsoil - Custom Embroidered Richardson 112

Posted by Emily Ayers on Oct 12th 2023

Embroidery can look like a patch?

That's right! You can get the look of a patch without splurging on patch hats.

There is one thing to keep in mind if you are wanting to do this:

Your logo needs to be simple

Gradients, tiny text, and complex shapes won't work. You're better off doing a patch at that point because your logo will not translate to embroidery. 

I really wanted to show off this logo this week because when you first look at it, it seems complex but really the details in each layer are quite simple.

Here's the embroidery proof that we send with each order so that you have a good idea of what you're getting:

Sunsoil added a side embroidered logo to their hat and I think it looks pretty awesome!

Here's the final product! If you want to see how your logo would look embroidered on a Richardson 112 or you want to get the patch look with direct embroidery like Sunsoil, click the button below!