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Case Study: Summit at Big Bend - Custom Woven Patch Hats

Case Study: Summit at Big Bend - Custom Woven Patch Hats

Posted by Emily Ayers on Aug 25th 2023

What's the big deal with having the right patch type?

We make a pretty big deal here about choosing the right patch type for your logo. 

Well, that's because your logo represents your business, and we want your business and brand to be elevated!

This client came to us originally wanting an embroidered patch, but let's go through the reasons why that isn't the best fit:

1. Small text  - "At Big Bend" wouldn't be clear on an embroidered patch. The text is just too small and too thin.  

2. Small details - The cactus, mountain details, and lines at the top are all also too small to be embroidered.

Why we chose a woven patch:

All that to say, we chose a woven patch for this logo to show the vibrant, warm yellows and earth tones and to also capture the small details and small text to preserve the logo. We never like to edit your logo if it can be avoided - we want to give you the best and most cost efficient option.