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Case Study: Smoothie King - Custom PVC Patch Hats

Case Study: Smoothie King - Custom PVC Patch Hats

Posted by Emily Ayers on Dec 21st 2023

Simplified logos often have the biggest impact!

Let's see how a Smoothie King store in Louisiana elevated their brand with PVC patch hats.

Using your entire logo is preferred if you are trying to get your name out there, but once you've created a recognizable brand, you can start using variations of your logo or use the symbols that are already in your logo. 



This isn't to say that you should use your logo variations in every instance. Variations work best in merchandise, team apparel, social media, and smaller marketing pieces like cards or flyers.

Let's see the results of a Smoothie King's smaller, simpler logo variation on a hat:

The PVC patch really makes their crown symbol stand out and adds a corporate, professional feel.

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