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Case Study Sacred Smoke

Case Study Sacred Smoke

Posted by Emily Ayers on Apr 12th 2024

David's journey with Sacred Smoke + branding advice:

"Sacred Smoke came in looking for a high end hat they can retail in their cigar shop. They knew they wanted PVC patches since they liked the high-quality look of the decoration - they also wanted to mix and match hats of various styles and colors. This of course was no problem to do - they mixed several different Richardson styles and colors. 

Their logo had a lot of detail, they asked about a "medium" patch size, I recommend going as large as possible on a hat to show detail the clearest (2.4" tall) - they agreed! Once they placed the order we did a physical sample of the patch as part of the proofing process, at which point production determined that while we could capture lots of detail, we would need to remove the small red leaf at the very top of the logo as some of those details would be too small for PVC patches. We made the patch sample and sent photos and an explanation to the customer - they agreed this was the best course of action and approved.

The hats will be a good moneymaker and get a high quality representation of their logo out on the foreheads of many happy Sacred Smoke customers."

Photos from Sacred Smoke and feedback below:

Lizan's feedback from Sacred Smoke:

People really like them and we have sold a few since getting them a few days ago! We have a lot of regular customers and they want to support our business by purchasing our goodies, and since most of them are men of different ages, they love using hats and our hoodies with our logos on them.