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Case Study: Promoting Your Business with Giveaways - Acoustic Music Works

Case Study: Promoting Your Business with Giveaways - Acoustic Music Works

Posted by Emily Ayers on Dec 4th 2023

When you think about advertising, you most likely think of Google or social media ads. The world has become digital very quickly within the last couple of decades, but there are other options. Today we're going to go over giveaways!

Why people love giveaways

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing ads being pushed everywhere. Social media, google, streaming services just to name a few that I usually tune out. Of course it is very useful to consumers and businesses, but it's not necessarily something I always appreciate. 

Something I do always appreciate, however, is a nice hat, tee, or cup that I can use in my every day life. 

And that's what Steve M of Acoustic Music Works has done with his business. 

He buys nice hats, apparel, and promo products to give away to his customers as a way to say "thank you!" for buying his beautiful, quality instruments. 

How to be sure you are investing in quality giveaway products

1. Seasonality & Climate

Make sure that your giveaways, especially apparel, fit the climate you are in. If it's cold most of the time where you are, it's probably best to invest in mostly beanies, hoodies, and warm tumblers. Of course you can adjust seasonally, but think about your climate. 

2. Ask your customers

What do they like? You could survey them after you've done a few runs of different products and see what the feedback is. Decoration method is also something they could give you feedback on, for instance, see if they prefer a patch hat to an embroidered hat. This makes a big difference! You actually want them to WEAR and USE these giveaways. 

Now let's look at some photos that Steve sent us from his giveaways: