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Case Study: Custom PVC Hats - Richardson 112 Duck Camo

Case Study: Custom PVC Hats - Richardson 112 Duck Camo

Posted by Emily Ayers on Dec 11th 2023

This has to be my most favorite patch ever!

It's important to remember how much a good design can affect the end result. If you have a beautiful design that fits within the patch guidelines, it will turn out amazing!

This logo is a great example.

Coastline Bourbon by Texas Tail Distillery

There are a few elements that make this patch perfectly replicated as a PVC patch.

1. The lettering and simple design

This type of large lettering is perfect for PVC because we are able to layer it and make it really stand out. The design is beautiful but also very simple and there are only 5 colors.

2. The shape

This type of custom shape is super unique and really adds a professional, luxurious look to the patch. We can replicate almost any shape when we do PVC patches because we don't have to worry about adding a thread border, they have their on mold to create the shape so there is a lot of freedom with creativity here. 

Now let's take a look at the final product!

Look at how intricate the layering is and how it adds so much to the design. 

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