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Case Study: Creech Horse Transportation - Featured Custom Patch Hats: Richardson 112

Case Study: Creech Horse Transportation - Featured Custom Patch Hats: Richardson 112

Posted by Emily Ayers on Oct 17th 2023

You wouldn't believe the amount of requests that we get for this patch style!

It seems quite simple but the lettering really stands out, especially as an embroidered patch. It adds so much texture and life!

A couple things to know about embroidered patches and then we'll show the process that happened with Creech Horse Transportation:

1. Embroidered patch hats are the closest to “regular” embroidered hats and are the most common type of patch. With embroidered patches, you can use either a twill or fully embroidered background. This example has a twill background. You can typically capture more details on a patch than you can with regular embroidery, but some smaller, more intricate details may not show well on this option.

2. Border type is important especially with this style. We want it to stand out, so we opted for the merrowed border. This patch border is the most common. We use it for about 90% of custom patches. The stitch is tight but has a thicker look, which makes the patch edges looked raised. The glue may not go all the way from the back of the patch to the border, so the edges might seem like they are coming off, but customers actually prefer this look and we guarantee it won't come off. Merrowed has a very wide variety of color options, you can tie it into the color of your logo or you can match it to your hat mesh color.

Anyways, let's move on to some visual examples of bringing this logo to life!


We quickly adjusted this logo to the client's requests and then came up with a proof.


......aaaand on to the FINAL PRODUCT!

We absolutely love the texture that the embroidered patch brings.

Want to preview your logo? Click below to see your logo on this Richardson 112!